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Full name in Russian: Kommercheskiy Bank “Nezavisimyi Stroitelnyi Bank” (Zakrytoye Aktsionernoye Obshchestvo).

Full name in English: Commercial Bank “NS Bank”

Abbreviated name: CB “NS Bank” (CJSC)

Date of establishment: 11/10/1994

General license of the Bank of Russia: No. 3124

Established on the 11th of October 1994, NS Bank provides a broad range of banking services to the population, building companies and enterprises of a real sector of economy. The Bank is a participant in the system of the compulsory insurance of deposits. It is one of the traders of JSC Moscow Exchange MICEX-RTS.

General Agreement on provision of credits by the Bank of Russia to credit organizations, dated 19 January 2009 was concluded according to the Regulations of the Bank of Russia dated 16 October 2008 No. 323-P between CB “NS Bank” (CJSC) and the Bank of Russia.

NS Bank is included in the Register of banks which have the right to issue guarantees to customs authorities.

NS Bank licenses:

  • General License of the Bank of Russia No. 3124 issued on 20 August 2003 to perform banking operations in rubles and foreign currencies with the right of attracting deposits of monetary resources from individuals.
  • The license to carry out banking operations with precious metals (No. 3124 issued on 20 August 2003).
  • License of the Federal Financial Markets Service to carry out dealer activities No. 177-07409-010000 issued on 27 January 2004.
  • License of the Federal Financial Markets Service to carry out broker activities No. 177-07407-100000 issued on 27 January 2004.
  • License of the Federal Financial Markets Service to carry out securities management  177-07413-001000 issued on 27 January 2004.
  • License of the Federal Financial Markets Service to carry out custody business No. 177-07421-000100 issued on 30 January 2004.


Deposit insurance system:

Commercial Bank “Independent Construction Bank” (Closed Joint-Stock Company) is included into the Register of banks - participants in the deposit insurance system on 10 February 2005 under No. 599.

Membership in organizations and associations:

Guild of Kremlin Vendors

Association of Regional Banks of Russia

Association of Russian banks

Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange

Moscow International Currency Association

Guild of Financial Managers

National Securities Market Association

Russian National SWIFT Association

International payment system Visa International

International payment system MasterCard Worldwide

International cash remittance system Western Union

International cash remittance system LEADER

Zolotaya Korona (Golden Crown) cash remittance system

Unistream cash remittance system

The Bank is:

  • a participant in the deposit insurance system;
  • a participant in the electronic trading system (SELT);
  • included in the Register of banks and other credit organizations which have the right to issue bank guarantees for payment of customs charges;
  • accredited by the Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending (AHML) as a mortgage provider;
  • an official partner bank of the program of financing small- and medium-sized businesses of JSC MSP Bank;
  • included in the list of banks for rendering services to engineering companies within the framework of investment projects implemented with participation of the State Corporation “Rosnanotekh”.


Supervision over the “NS Bank” activity is carried out by Moscow Banking Branch No. 4.

Postal address: 7, Bagrationovsky passage, Moscow, 121087

Telephone: +7 (495) 729-3218

Site of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation – web-page “Appeals for the bank activities”


Details of the audit organization that has executed the last audit.

 Chief Accountant Deputies:

Marina Garzanova ‑ Deputy Chief Accountant

Irina Gulina – Deputy Chief Accountant

Galina Marchenko – Deputy Chief Accountant

Extra information:


According to the results of internal self-assessment, the information security of the credit institution complies with the requirements of the standard of the Bank of Russia “Provision of Information Security in Organizations of the Banking System of the Russian Federation”.

Personal data protection requirements implemented by the Bank

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